Your Office – Home Away From Home

If you sit and think about it, we really do spend more time at work than we do at home. Life these days is hectic and we have to work harder to get anywhere. Being comfortable in your work space will make you a happier person. Enjoying your work and where you work will make your life more pleasant. After all, who wants to spend the majority of their waking hours at a place that they hate?

How your office is designed and decorated influences the manner in which work is carried out. Efficiency is always an important factor where business is concerned because as you know time is money and there isn’t enough to go around these days. I shaped work desks are a new design that are taking the market by a storm.

Gone are the days of rectangular chunks of wood dominating office spaces. Desks these days are more spacious and are designed for mounds of paperwork which is always stored on your desk. The older type desks often found those piles on the floor in a shambles. The difference these days is also the incorporation of computers into the work space and desks now are designed to carry these with ease while still leaving enough working room.

Many open plan offices promote the working of the employees as a team and the I shaped work desks are more inviting for fellow employees to gather around and discuss important points of interest.

What do you think of when you thing rectangular desk? I know I instantly think of sitting in front of a school teacher or principal or being in the bad books in front of your manager. These days work environments try to promote an equal plane for all staff where even the managers are approachable. Discarding the old style desks has made this transition a little easier.

Is the atmosphere is your office lacking enthusiasm? Is your staff not getting that team feeling together? Perhaps it’s time to make a change, do a little redecorating and burn those old desks. Shop around and find more suitable furniture. Encourage open plan work spaces and team building. Get your team working efficiently and meeting their targets. The bottom line is the telling result.