Fashion Fiesta

What’s the one accessory that’s a must have for summer. Well, besides a gorgeous swimsuit for your body type and a sun hat, sunglasses are a must have item. What more do you need to get through lazy days at the beach or active games of beach volleyball?

Sunglasses can become costly, if you buy a decent pair that has the necessary UV protection for your eyes. Or so you thought. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Hop online and browse a couple of stores. You are sure to come across the wholesale fashion sunglasses store I did and be blown away by the variety on offer and the affordable prices.

While I love a good pair of sunnies I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a small fortune on the pair I had my heart set on. I was surprised to find that there was a similar style and color on offer and at a price that was a fraction of the cost of the original pair I wanted. I indulged a little and bought two pairs and it still didn’t cost as much.

These days, with things being so costly, there usually isn’t that much cash to spend on luxury items and while sunglasses aren’t really a luxury, if you consider the health of your eyes, it is still something that spending a bucket of money on isn’t going to fly. There are options. You just need to know where to look.

I paraded the beach on the first day of summer vacation in style and with my pockets not as empty as you would expect. My friends asked where I had got my sunglasses from and were astonished when I told them and even more gob smacked when I revealed the price. What do you know? Within a few days a couple of my friends followed my lead and arrived at the beach wearing theirs in a style and color of their own preference.

Buying wholesale doesn’t limit your options at all but it does leave you with a bank balance that is still in the green.